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Turkey Mouth Calls

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Real Hen - This is TOP CALLS number one choice and top among hunters.  The real hen is made with 3.5 reeds of Prophylactic with a deep V cut.  Seasoned hunters know that when Prophylactic is stretched properly it can produce the most realistic sounds available in a mouth call.  If the TOP CALLS staff had to carry just one mouth call in the woods, it would be the Real Hen.  This call simply does it all with realism unmatched in the industry.
Item No. 108  Add to Cart  $7.99
The Real Hen Ultra - This call is made with 3.5 reeds of .003 latex and a deep V cut.  Truly one of our best sellers it is capable of doing it all.  A must for the hunter that likes realistic rasp and needs the versatility to make any and all notes of the wild turkey.
Item No. 109  Add to Cart  $7.99
Real Hen MAGNUM - The real hen magnum is made from four full reeds of .003 latex.  It has a deep inverted "V" cut and is truly a power call.  Great for super rasp and hard clucks and cackles.  This call is recommended for the seasoned caller that loves to push lots of air!
Item No. 110  Add to Cart  $7.99
X-cited Hen - This three reed, "V" cut mixture of .003 Prophylactic and .004 Gray Smoke latex caller gives the ability to be aggressive and soft with unmatched sound quality.  This call has the ability to give you that high ball rasp produced by prophylactic with the deepness that comes with latex, truly a TOP CALL favorite.  Designed by professional caller Russ Wagner.
Item No. 112  Add to Cart  $7.99
X-terminator - TOP CALLS has saved their best for last in their 12 mouth call series.  This 2.5 reed call has unique newly developed .003 Orange top reed and "fang" cut.  This call is great for calling both loud and soft with that rasp realism that brings you to attention.  Great for yelping, purring, and soft clucks, a must for the caller that demands realism.
Item No. 113  Add to Cart  $7.99
X-treme Hen - This call is made with 3 pieces of .004 smoking gray latex.  We have given this call a V cut and have trimmed the wings slightly back on each side of the V.  This gives the X-treme hen the high ball realism hunters search for in their yelping.  A true power call that can do it all!
Item No. 102  Add to Cart  $7.99
Wild Thing - This call is made with three pieces of .003 latex with a "cutter V" pattern giving this call the ability to get raspy yet remain easy to use.  Great for helping and cutting.
Item No. 106  Add to Cart  $7.99
Raspy Hen - This mouth call is made with two pieces of heavy .004 latex with a split on each side.  The double reed split is great for old hen yelps, purrs and early morning tree calling.
Item No. 103  Add to Cart  $7.99
Cackle Master - This call is designed with three pieces of .003 latex.  A half moon cut in the corner of the top reed makes this call a favorite among aggressive turkey hunters.  Loud cutting and raspy yelps get attention spring or fall
Item No. 105  Add to Cart  $7.99
Kee-Kee - This call is made with three pieces of .003 with a small cut in the center of the bottom reed.  This allows the caller to create realistic kees and high pitch yelps used in the fall.  A must for the serious fall hunter.
Item No. 107  Add to Cart  $7.99
Young Hen - This call is made with two pieces of .004 latex.  It produces a high pitch sound of a young hen in the spring and is great for the KeeKee run in the fall.  A must for the beginner or hunter that likes those higher notes.
Item No. 101  Add to Cart  $7.99
Adult Hen - This three reed call is made with a piece of green .0035 on the top reed and two pieces of natural .003 on the bottom with a ghost cut.  The ghost cut allows the hunter to get great kees and whistles and still maintain a raspy yelp.  The ghost cut is becoming a favorite among hunters across the land.
Item No. 104  Add to Cart  $7.99
  Sutliff Wing -  This is one of the finest hand made mouth calls on the market today.  The Sutliff Wing was developed by professional caller and co-owner of Top Calls, Frank Sutliff Jr.  The batwing cut added with the latex and prophylactic mix gives this call competition quality sounds.  This call is a must for the hunter who wants to take their calling to the next level.  This 3 reed batwing cut call has a .004 gray top reed and two .003 prophylactic bottom reeds.
Item No. 114  Add to Cart  $7.99
  NEW ! The Heartbreaker - Our NEW "HEARTBREAKER" Mouth call is a three reed designed with a red .004 latex top reed with two pieces of .003 Prophylactic stacked underneath.  We have given this call a unique wide precision inverted "V" cut and have removed segments of latex on each side of the "V" to produce a sound different than anything we have created in our current line.  This call will produce fantastic yelps, cutts, and cackles while having the ability to be both loud and soft while in the field.
Item No. 115  Add to Cart  $7.99
  Master Collection - This collection includes the three calls that make up our Real hen series. The Real Hen "raspy", Real Hen Ultra "raspier", and Real Hen Magnum "crazy raspy".  This pack is for the seasoned caller that likes to push some air and get the attention of those gobblers.
Item No. 459  Add to Cart  $19.99
  Spring Collection - This collection includes our Young hen "high pitch", Cackle master "medium rasp", and Real Hen "raspy".  A great collection for beginners or the hunter that wants to cover all the bases.
Item No. 458  Add to Cart  $19.99
Triple X Series - This collection includes our 'X-treme hen' for a deep raspy cutting and yelping, the 'X-cited hen' for highball life like cutting and yelping and the newly developed spider fang cut 'X-terminator' her for a lively rasp.
Item No. 460  Add to Cart  $19.99