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Locator Calls

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Owl Call - Wake up those gobblers early with our newly designed Owl Call.  This reed hooter is sleeved with a maple barrel and made specifically to create the notes of a barred owl.  Whether your locating gobblers or simply calling in owls, this call is sure to get the job done.
Item No. 350  Add to Cart  $12.99
Mini Mag Crow Call - Our new Mini Mag Crow is made with a durable plastic reed system and sleeved with an engraved maple barrel to give it an unmatched natural sound.  Whether your calling in crows or trying to elicit a gobble in the spring this call will get it done.
Item No. 400  Add to Cart  $12.99
  Crow Magnum - Crank up the volume!  This call is one of the loudest and highest pitched crow calls on the market today.  This is an excellent call for crow hunting or shock gobbling turkeys in the spring.
Item No. 351  Add to Cart  $12.99
BushwhackerSquirrel Call - If you are a serious squirrel hunter, then this is the call for you.  This call will reproduce the chatter, alarm & distress calls, as well as the bark and squeal.  Simply tap the rubber below to mimic the sounds of the squirrelor you can remove the rubber bellow and blow short huffs of air to produce the bark and squeal.  
Item No. 151  Add to Cart  $11.99
  Squatchinator - For years, our customers have been asking for a locator call that is way off the beaten path for locating gobblers.  Well, we have done it! But after much research and development, we have heard some strange sounds responding to this call!  We are thinking maybe a "sasquatch," but most people think we are nuts. You never know what else you may get to answer yo uwhen using this call.  For visual instructions, please visit our FaceBook page.
Item No. 601  Add to Cart  $19.99