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Turkey Friction Calls

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  Smokin' Crystal Hot Hen - If you are looking for a crisp and higher pitch in a turkey call, then this call is for you.  This call produces crisp and clean sounds of the Wild Turkey such as clucks, flydowns and cutting of an excited hen.  It also produces a higher pitched hem yelpthat absolutely drives the gobbler crazy.Field tested and proven, this is one call that you will want in your turkey vest for both spring and fall seasons.
  Item No. 310  Add to Cart  $39.99
  Top Gun - This unique double-sided call combines the sweet sound of slate on one side and the raspy sound of glass on the other.  This two in one call comes with two strikers, a Plexiglas striker for wet weather and hickory.
  Item No. 390  Add to Cart  $34.99
300 Double Slate Call - This newly designed fifteen sided cherry slate call is great for both spring and fall hunting.  This call comes with a hickory striker that gives you those true to life turkey tones you would expect from an exceptional slate.  Truly one of the most easy to use and realistic calls we have ever developed.  A must have call for the serious turkey hunter that demands realism!!
Item No. 300  Add to Cart  $34.99
325 Double Glass Call - Another one of our newly designed fifteen sided cherry pot calls, only this time in glass!  It comes with a hickory striker which gives it those intense realistic high notes that send shivers up the spine.  This call is one that should never leave the vest and one of our favorites here at TOP CALLS.
Item No. 325  Add to Cart  $34.99
Picture coming soon!  Twin Stix - Make your friction call come alive with our new TWIN STIX!  If you are wanting more out of your friction calls, look no further; TWIN STIX will do the trick.  Use the hard wood of Purple Heart to crank up the volume and the softer touch of Mahogany for the subtle soft calling that drives turkeys crazy.
Item No. 001  Add to Cart  $12.99
  Dymondwood Flare Tip STRIKER - Bring any friction call to life with our new Dymondwood Flare Tip striker.  The 'Dymondwood Flare Tip' provides unmatched ease of use and is designed for any friction call, including slate, glass or aluminum.  This striker will will create the most realistic turkey sounds and turn an average friction call into a great one.  The Dymondwood Flare Tip is a must for for the serious turkey hunter that loves friction calls!
Item No. 002  Add to Cart  $14.95