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About Us

Top Calls was established in 1994 as a Game Call Company with a vision.  The vision was to produce some of the finest Quality Handcrafted Game Calls on the market today!  With over 70 years of combined Hunting Experience, Owners Russ Wagner, Frank Sutliff, & Frank Sutliff Jr. have successfully used their products both in the field and on the calling competition stages across the United States.  With each call being individually handcrafted and tuned we can assure you that every Top Call will consistently produce Authentic sounds as only Mother Nature intended them to be "Wild".

Every one of our calls are made by a hunter, for a hunter and with each sale we not only have a satisfied customer, we also make a friend to the sport that we all love so much.  We invite you to keep in contact with us and by allowing Top Calls to be part of your hunt you will see why our calls are truly; "The Sounds of the Wild".

Yours for the sport,

 Frank Sutliff Sr., Russ Wagner and FrankSutliff Jr.